Why I visit my local cafe every Sunday to be lazy

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Why I visit my local cafe every Sunday to be lazy


‘Small Cappucino please no sugar’.

That’s my order every Sunday at my local cafe.

I bring a book or some interesting video watch and I sit there for a few hours to wind down my week.

It’s funny because I used to hate coffee but now I love it albiet not the taste (the taste is still nice!) but rather the mood it puts me in.

But why do I do this?

Why specifically do I choose to go to a cafe on a Sunday morning or early afternoon to grab a coffee and read a book or watch a video at my local cafe?

Because it’s important to relax.

I believe I am a workaholic. I admit I love working and being productive.

But I realised last year I started to become super anxious and I started to get the feeling of ‘burning out’. It was getting too much and I knew it was unhealthy.

I started to visit the cafe infrequently at first but found myself wanting to go back. I realised┬ámy mind needed it – a place to wind down for the week and give your mind and body a place to relax because it deserves it.

For me this is my haven but for you, it could be something different.

But remember it’s always important to keep your mind in check and learn to be lazy too.


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